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In the late hours on Tatooine, long after the twin suns had descended, the throne room of Jabba’s palace had become dark and quiet. The denizens that normally crowded the court were gone and instead only the hutt lord and a few members of the band remained.

Jabba sat heavily against his throne with his tail excitedly thrashing against the stone lip. He stared intently at the dim spotlight illuminating the dance floor before his dais, waiting impatiently for the performance to come.

Finally the sound of a door opening broke the silence and light momentarily flooded from one of the dark corners of the room. A hooded and robed figure was ushered through the door as Jabba leaned forward in anticipation and the band hurriedly began to prepare their instruments.

On either side of the robed figure were slaves, members of the hutt lord’s harem, who led the new arrival to the center of the room and into the spotlight. Standing before the hutt they bowed quickly before pulling the cloak back with a dramatic flourish.

Jabba’s eyes widen at the site revealed to him. With the robe pulled back a beautiful green twi’lek girl now stood in the light. Sensuous lekku, wrapped in crisscrossing leather straps, hung over her slender emerald shoulders. The tips reached down to drape over the perfect breasts that rose from her chest. Jabba drooled at the thought of her soft flesh moving and bouncing as she danced but continued to examine the twi’lek girl, Oola, in all her glory.

Her arms were wrapped in the same straps as her lekku and were kept behind her back as Jabba inspected her, his eyes traveling down her body. Short, nearly diaphanous cloth hung between her legs with the silk barely covering the equally silky mound beneath. Below the fringes of her loincloth, her toned dancer legs were encased in tall black stockings that reached mid-way up her thighs.

Jabba’s hungry gaze slid back up her voluptuous green curves to take in her exquisitely prepared form for a second time. Looking up he found Oola’s light-brown eyes resting on him, seeking his approval. Meeting her masters stare she blushed demurely and shyly turned away. Jabba would later to have to complement Melinna on the artistry that had gone into the make-up. The pink-tinged blush and light-purple eye shadow gave her the innocence and fragility of a virgin bride while the dark purple that painted her lips extenuated their fullness and added a sultry element to her look. Jabba’s tail stiffened and his tongue darted over his drool sheered chin.

Head still lowered in deference to her master Oola parted her lekku and swung them behind her back to leave her breasts completely uncovered. Gently she pushed her chest out, inviting her master to gaze upon her. Jabba hummed in appreciation at the sight as they rose and fell with each excited breath, the dark green tips of her nipples pointing eagerly towards him. The hutt lord remembered when she had first been presented to him and how she had desperately tried to cover her nakedness. Now she offered it to him willingly.

Slowly and deliberately she spun to give Jabba the full view of her offerings, Jabba’s eyes becoming narrow slits at the sight of the shapely mounds of her ass as the loin-cloth fluttered with her movements. Stopping to face him again Oola bowed low and prostrated herself across the rough stone floor, her arms stretched forward and ass raised suggestively in the air.  Jabba looked over and growled in deep arousal at the site of her arched back and large breasts pillowed beneath her. Not wanting to wait longer he called for the band to begin to play.

The band immediately started with a slow and methodical melody, with the deep base timed as if to the beat of a heart. At first Oola remained motionless but slowly her body began to twitch with music and her raised hips shook with each deep vibration of sound. As the tempo increased so did her swaying, until her body was writhing enticingly against the grate. Then she began to raise herself from the floor, continuing to twist like a snake charmed by a flute. As she sat with her legs folded beneath her Oola raised her arms above her head entwining them and moving them in intricate patterns. Even while sitting, her flexible form moved and weaved through the air, Jabba drawn by the dance of each voluptuous curve.

With her hands still moving above her Oola began to stand, her hips and lower body now swaying to the music. It seemed like her entire body curved and moved like a wave, an invisible force moving up from her hips to make her breasts shake and quiver. Her eyes were closed and raised to the ceiling but she lowered them to rest on her master. All semblance of the innocence from before was gone, with her lips parted and inviting and her glittering eyes showing how much she enjoyed her master’s attention as she danced for his pleasure.

Oola arms lowered and slid sensually down her sides, hugging herself and biting her lip as she continued to hold Jabba’s gaze whose tongue now hung loosely in arousal. Her hips rocking as she turned, arms still wrapped tightly around her, the loincloth shifting back and forth giving glimpses of what Jabba so desired underneath. Glancing over her shoulder she licked her wine-hot lips, her hands moving to squeeze her swinging breasts as she moaned over the music.

His excitement growing, Jabba eagerly motioned for her to dance closer. Giving another breathy moan Oola spun and began to step slowly towards his dais as her hands unwrapped themselves from her lithe body. She entwined her fingers behind her head, sticking out her chest to extenuate the movement and fullness of her breasts. With each exaggerated step the soft mounds bounced and jiggled as Jabba’s eyes were drawn to their hypnotic gyrations.

Oola came to the edge of his dais, lifting one leg over the lip and spreading herself across the small space that the hutt did not take. Her eyes still holding her master gaze she twisted onto her back, her head resting on one of the cushions and her lekku draping over the edge of the throne. Her legs were lifted and spread around Jabba’s bulging gut, her inner thighs lightly touching the warted skin, feeling her master vibrate with arousal against her. She gently began to roll her hips, arching her body off the ground with her crotch pressing urgently towards him, with only the thin cloth as a barrier between her hot sex and his slime coated hide. Feeling the dampness of the silk against him, Jabba knew his slave was already soaked and ready for him.

Cooing softly Oola moved her body in passionate intimacy against her master, caressing her large breasts, gently rolling them in her hands and pressing them enticingly together. Keeping one hand to continue her sensual massage, she slid the other down her trim athletic stomach to the damp loincloth that now clung to her aching womanhood. Jabba could only stare down drooling profusely, murmuring and urging his lovely pet on.

The cloth slowly lifted from her mound and revealed the glistening lips of her sex, twitching in its need to serve her masters desires. With a trembling hand she slid her fingers across the sensitive folds, her moans high as they lifted to greet Jabba. Her hips raised so Jabba could witness, she inserted first one finger and then two into her aching hole, her lower body shaking and rolling as she held them in the air. Even as she pleasured herself against her master it seemed like each thrust of hips, each orgasmic tremor, and each cry of her masters name continued to be synced with the music playing in the background. It was a dance only a few of his slaves had ever mastered and it had been quite some time since Jabba had the pleasure of owning a girl talented enough to perform it.

The music built with her imminent climax, her cries and movements became more frantic and her breath escaping as quick gasps. Between panting, she begged her master for permission to cum which Jabba granted immediately. At his gurgling approval Oola allowed herself to succumb to her long awaited orgasm just as the band reached its crescendo, holding the last note with her last scream of pleasure. Her back was arched and lifted from the throne, her lekkus wriggling across the front of the dais as the waves of satisfaction crashed over her body. Her nectar splashed to cover the cushions and her masters belly, the sweet smell immediately rose to Jabbas nostrils and his tongue sliding out as if to taste the air.

Oola’s cry ended in a whimper and she fell back aginst the throne, sweating and breathing heavily over the cool stone. The music faded away and the band members immediately began to pack their instruments knowing that the hutt lord would want privacy with his slave.

Still shaking slightly Oola slowly raised her drenched fingers from her legs to her waiting lips, opening them to clean the remnants of her orgasm. She sucked each finger individually, cooing softly as she savored her own taste. Finishing with her finger, she carefully lifted herself from the pillows and leaned forward onto her hand and knees, eyes glancing mischievously towards Jabba as she heard him chuckle in approval. Her eyes closed as she lowered her head to the stained cushions and began to lick them clean, her pink tongue running along the soft velvet padding.

Jabba grinned lasciviously and reached to run his hand over her lekku, stroking the sensitive appendages. Oola moaned and lifted her head to receive her master’s touch. She crawled closer and began to lick the cum that had sprayed over Jabba’s belly, moaning and murmuring her love for the hutt lord that had enslaved her.

Giving a parting kiss to her master’s belly, she moved to the edge of the dais again, turning her body she raised up onto her hands and knees and spread herself before him. Her body trembling in excitement she reached behind and pulled her loincloth to the side, exposing her hairless green lipped cunny for Jabba’s approval. Oola waited in anticipation, keeping her eyes closed not daring to turn to look, but praying that she had pleased him with her performance and that he would accept her offering. Several moment past and Oola felt a pit in her stomach form at the thought she had done something wrong and had somehow earned her hutt owner’s disfavor. But then she felt something warm graze her moist and sensitive vulva, and Oola nearly wept in relief and joy, knowing she had aroused him and would now be allowed to satisfy the desires she had awoken. As the petals of her intimacy opened to accept her master, the screams that followed were that of a pleasure slave fulfilling her purpose and loving it. They would become common sounds within the hutt’s palace for many months to come.
A quick story I wrote for the [link], Oola site. It is part of a forum where users suggest their favorite pieces of Oola art and someone volunteers to write a story to go along with it. In this case the picture that inspired this image was:[link] by the extremely talented agnidevi:[link]. The image was suggested by VoreCreator: [link], and as one of my favorite pieces of Oola fan art I really couldn't resist. Anyway, I have an image of my own that is nearing completion and should be posted up later today. So look for that soon =)
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Zarumee Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
I loved it!

Outstanding work!
demogoron Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Thanks a lot!
Crimsonight Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
"50 Shades of Green", anyone?

This is very well written. It is just not my cup of tea.
demogoron Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Haha I think I've heard the "50 Shades of Green" joke with Oola before but I can't remember where.

Yea this sort of stuff certainly isn't for everyone. Thanks for checking it out though :)
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