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July 3, 2013
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The ‘Huttuk Koona’ is the largest gathering of criminals and crime lords in the galaxy, taking place at the beginning of each cycle on the Hutt home world of Nal Hutta. Here the leaders of the underworld meet to discuss business, forge alliances, and flaunt their wealth and power over their rivals and associates. This is most often done through the gangsters favored slave girls, as it is a point of personal pride for a crime lord to have the most beautiful and obedient pleasure slaves at their disposal. Usually each guest of the Huttuk Koona brings 2-3 members of their harem to the gathering. The rarer and more desirable the slaves, the better it reflects on the status of their owner.

At one particular Huttuk Koona, Jabba the Hutt decided to bring his two newest twi’lek slaves to the party. Oola, a lovely green skinned schutta from the outskirts of Ryloth, had been a gift from his majordomo Bib Fortuna and had quickly caught his attention with her erotic and energetic dancing skills. Lyn Me, a white skinned twi’lek singer, was a member of the band Jabba employed for his palace… that is before Jabba decided that Lyn’s time was better served attending to his “other” needs. Their skin color and beauty made them rarities and Jabba fondly referred to them as his “Emerald and Pearl”.

Jabba’s Emerald and Pearl quickly gained the regard of the other crime lords at the gathering, as Jabba gave them free rain from their leashes to flirt and tease with the other party goers. The two twi’lek minxes drove the male gangsters wild with their salacious bodies, caressing each other while they watched or turning their light touches on any man bold enough to approach them. Late into the party they climbed onto one of the many pole dancing stages and began a both graceful and suggestive duet. They slid their hot bodies up and down the metal pole, rapping their legs around the shaft and leaving it gleaming with their juices. They gyrated against each other, pressed their lips together in heated passion before falling into a sensual embrace. A massive crowd soon gathered to watch the two alluring slaves during their enthusiastic love-making, their harmonious moans met with cheers from the drooling on lookers.

Jabba was quite pleased with his pets’ performance, as were many of his associates and he was soon approached with countless offers to buy the pair from him. The bidding was great but Jabba refused them all, mostly because he enjoyed turning down those he considered his inferiors. And to Jabba the Hutt everyone in the room was his inferior.

As the festivities reached their conclusion, Oola and Lyn were named the Slave Queens of the Huttuk Koona, exemplified by the diamond studs that were welded the back of their collars. For the two twi’lek slaves, however, the only prize they wished to receive was the pleasure of serving their mighty master’s tail and body. Fortunately, Jabba did not allow their good service to go unrewarded, and both Oola and Lyn’s wishes were granted that night. Again… again… and again.

Well this is my first manip in a while and I just couldn't decide between this lighting scheme and another one I had created for this image. I might post that one i my scraps folder later and if people like it more I'l switch. Hope you enjoyed this and have a happy 4th of July!
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900k credits for Lyn Me.

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